Ein Kleiner Samstag Dachte

A comfortable day, I think or hope it will be. There are a few things I'd like to get done today and I'm doing two of them right now. As I write this I'm listening to to Werner Herzog speak about how music influences his work in movies. I'm not good at this. It means that I must think of the next sentence I want to type and then as I type it, I focus on what Herzog is saying. It's not quite the same as sitting back and watching the Youtube video but I don't want to waste time as there is so much to do.

I got the parts for the trailer and trimmer, so I can complete the repairs on them. I should mow and trim today. The weather is mild and should reach into the 70's but at least at this point, not a lot of sun.

I'd also like to collect a bit more of the styrofoam and take it all into the recycling place. There is also a chance for us to get the sewing cabinet out of the shop and take it to Goodwill dropoff today. There may be other things we can take to the Goodwill as well.

My attention is constantly returning to the Herzog video and my writing has ground to a stop so I'll stop this now and get on with my day.

More later,

Photo credit: Foter.com


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