Influenced by the Moon

It's 0930 and another nice morning here. Cold and a little misty, but the sun pushes through. I haven't got a list clear in mind for today so as I type I'll begin working something out. It would be smart to work on the story a bit and then some time in the shop.

I could toil on resurrecting some of those glazes so that we could paint tiles. When I say we, I think I mean me or me and Ashton. When I asked her about painting some tiles on Saturn's Day on our Grand Day Out, she asked if it would be OK if she painted some for her friends as gifts. I said sure, how many was she thinking of and she said 30. This is the girl that constantly complains that she has no friends. I said she should narrow it down some, but now that I ponder it, it doesn't seem like such a bad idea. I'm not sure that she'd follow through, but if she did, she would learn a lot.

I just looked up 4x4 bisque tiles to get an idea of what it would cost. I only have another 36 tiles on hand. Aftosa is out of stock, amazon is expensive at about $1.50 to $2 per tiles. Googling them I find DickBlick has them for about $0.50 per tile with free shipping if order is more than $35 or more. I would have to order more stuff to get up to that level. Probably wouldn't be a problem if they have glazes too.

I will try to get some of my glazes working and just paint some tiles. The batch that I fired (twice) still turned out milky, as I feared. I used too much clear glaze on them. In the future, I need to thin the clear glaze down a lot more and use a very thin coat on top the color. Lesson learned.

An idea for a character with mental problems, he is troubled by thoughts and dreams urging him to do things he knows are wrong. So much so that he has a name for his mind; Bizzytown. It might be Tom Verwarring. There's a lot that's good about that story, and some that sucks. Maybe the idea is that as long as it's Tom in charge, Bizzytown exists as a constant. When the other personality finally comes into its ascendancy, Bizzytown disappears.

It doesn't take much to send me off into a jag of thinking about stories. The problem is that I tend to go quickly into narrowing circles of thought on them.

More later,


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