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Last chance 2017.

Writing with my eyes closed would make more attractive stories.

Day Two of the Great Northwest Stuttering and Stammering Experiment.

Whoa, What happened? Where am I?

Christmas Day!

Oh yeah, it's Christmas Eve.

A very short note.

The Longest Day

Up Early and then nothing.

Just a quick note.

Train Wrecks, Smashed Basketball Dreams, & Laundry

A night of thinking more than sleeping yields little.

Answers only come to a troubled mind.

Imagination has a cost.

Where is my imagination?

Memory is a malleable thing


Not everybody makes it to morning.

Nullis Posto Congratis

OK, Well, No damage done.

Short note.

Yeeee Harrrrrr! (etc)

Rollin, rollin, rollin...

Tag! I'm still it.

What's that you say, Werner?


No Better than my Word

Hit and Run

It's a long Tibetan Bear that has no turning.

(Verb here) me, Father, for I have Sinned.

Whoohoo and Starry Empangulations to You (and the Horse you rode in on.)

Getting back to normal.

Don't feel so great.

Warm Rain