A very short note.

Once again I have a plan to paint and we'll see if it comes to fruition or vegetabilization. As a matter of fact, I plan to paint a still life of two acorn squash(es) awash on a sea of doubt and guilty pleasure but I will settle for two squash on a placemat. In oil.

So in other news, it is cold but beautiful out this morning. Le belle dame sans merci! or something like that. I'm getting closer to moving my drawing board over to the wall and bringing the collapsible table over for a work surface. I end up having so many paintings lying out that I need the horizontal space for now.

I'm hoping to keep the painting loose today. I'll have to make a sketch of the squash before hand and they have a lot of surface changes so it will be a little study. It will be good for me.

Enough for now and on with the work.

More later,


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