Rollin, rollin, rollin...

Moving along and I hope to get the Costco shopping done today. Sue's home today so that would give us some time to get things done and touch base.

Painted a picture of an Oregon highway yesterday that turned out pretty good. Still nowhere close to impressionist. I'm just not there. I tend to focus on details and grind everything down to a nub. I need to practice painting without glasses so I stay out of the detail.

I received the paintings from Kiev and Poland yesterday. Overall I'm quite pleased. The one floral still life from Kiev is a bit too heavy for my taste but the colors are nice. To say it's impasto is an understatement. It will have to be framed in a glass box to keep it from collecting dust in the summer months and I should wait a bit longer for the paints to cure more thoroughly before enclosing it. The paint is at least a centimeter thick in places. The painting is about 9x9" and weighs about 3/4 pound. There must 120 ml of paint on it. Still the colors are nice.

I've been in contact with the gallery handling the Clark city-scape I bought and I pointed out the missing reflection from the central stoplight and they said they'd ask Clark to add the reflection but it would take longer. I replied I was willing to wait and thanked them. Overall, I'm still excited to have the piece. Part of the original allure was the bleakness which is partly lost with the addition of the reflected red lights. But another part is the color distortion in the photo of the painting. It was rendered with a very yellow-orange bias. I liked the yellow-orange cast to the picture. It makes me want to try to paint a picture with that color dominant.

I just stopped and took some pictures of a beautiful low winter sun across the backyard. It made some striking shadows across the yard. It's 1050h in the morning and the sun is only a few degrees above the horizon.

Right now I'm surrounded by nice oil paintings in my office. I need to hang a few, if only in temporary fashion to make room. I'm beginning to like the smell of linseed oil though. It has a sweet smell.

I think that's enough for now. I'll put some of the pictures up to illustrate my entry.

More later,


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