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Hallowed What?

I'm back and I've forgotten everything.

Ahhhhh! I see.

Getting things done, barumm bum bum

You can't always tell when you win.

It was never my job to make things less clear.

And when the dust cleared...

Signs of a Struggle

Taken off the Critical List

Reiterative Compromise

Roll on Two

Confronted with a long string of rainy days.

Tuesday- More opportunities

A foreshortened short note

"A boatload of ducks approacheth, my lord."

When you've disappointed as many people as I have...

Never Mind! It's Friday the 13th.

Frustration - thy name is Ashtonio.

Careening and swerving.

Shall we try harder?

A bevy of flaws.

Always on a Sunday

Another Blockbuster Day

Scattered and Drifitng

Our heart can lead us to disappointment

Another Mass Killing

I turn my back for a couple days and look what happens.