Always on a Sunday

Another beautiful morning. I know I say that nearly every morning, but the repetition doesn't make it any less true. 

Yesterday Ashton lost her phone somewhere in the house and life has been in disordered suspense ever since. I keep thinking it will turn up soon but so far, no cookie.

We gave Ashton her birthday presents this morning and I think we did OK. There was nothing big but we all gathered around and there was a lot of laughing. Honestly, I don't think there are a lot of times that are better than those, no matter the circumstances. We have a good family.

We 're going to make shrimp alfredo for her this afternoon for her BD dinner. Also going to pick up a cake and ice cream for dessert. It should be fun. But first, we must go to Costco. The journey and travail.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment for cleaning and vague warnings and finger-wagging. They need to get out more. Life is short and for all I know Leif is short too. At least I'm sure you could look around Iceland and find blonde mofo named Leif who was short. Thus, proving my point.

It's a cool damp day with a high cold sun with very white light today. A perfect autumn Sunday for dogs to lie around and a closed warm house to smell like cooking. A lazy wonderful day for families to laugh together and to serve as a touch-point in memory in bad times to come.

I should get moving. There's a lot do today to celebrate my daughter's birthday. There was a lifetime ago that I never imagined that I would one day say that. My life is amazing.

More later,


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