Roll on Two

The hot smoked bacon turned out well yesterday. I never opened the cushions to check them. They were wrapped in foil had come up to 202 degrees so I'm assuming they're done. I put them into ziplocs and cooled them and then put them into the freezer. The same with the thick end of the belly. I kept the thin end of the belly out after pulling it at 165 degrees. Tomorrow I'll cut a couple slices for breakfast to try it out. I figure Saturday is the day for the grand unveiling.

After having some of it yesterday I want to try the cubed pork belly recipes I've seen on the internet. They's be great dipped in BBQ sauce. They cry out for something sweet with them.

I have to go to a doctor's appointment in about 20 minutes and when I get home I'll have to change and do some more clean up from yesterday. I ought to stop and get some gas on the way to the appointment. I'm a little low in the little car.

The dogs will have to stay outside while I'm gone. I'm sorry for them. Really only Scout. Smudge likes the outside.

I should go get ready soon, so once again I'll make this short. It's rainy and about 60 degrees out this morning.

More later,


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