Taken off the Critical List

A much better morning. Saturday and everyone is here. I made breakfast with hash browns, eggs, toast, and our homemade smoked bacon. Sue made smoothies and the kids got up and ate it while it was hot. Then Sue and the kids cleaned up and we talked and joked with each other while we ate and worked. It was wonderful.

Then Sue and I went out onto the back deck with the dogs. The dogs count on that part now every day. It was raining pretty good today but it was dry under the gazebo. Fun.

Ben and I will be going to Costco in a little bit and then he's going to put up another light in the shop. This time an LED shoplight over the parking space. It will add to the overall light out there and improve the light over the area where Ben and his friends play their card games. They're having a session there tonight. I figure we can pick up a pizza for those guys and one for the house as well.

I notice, looking back over my list of things to do, that it's all crossed off except for working on the story. It intimidates me. I will need to devise a plan to tackle it. The first thing may be to give it a provisional name. If it has no name, I cannot address it. It's name should refer to how dark and murky and unidentifiable is our actual past. The past where our family came from. I'm sure most people would be a bit shocked to know the details of how their family came to be. The details, I mean.

The name should call out the mistaken identity most of us have. I should look for synonyms of past generations, heritage. Dark Heritage?, Dark Lineage? Something dark and blurry and shifting and easily mistaken.

More later,


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