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Hit and Run

It's a long Tibetan Bear that has no turning.

(Verb here) me, Father, for I have Sinned.

Whoohoo and Starry Empangulations to You (and the Horse you rode in on.)

Getting back to normal.

Don't feel so great.

Warm Rain

Scout on Injured Reserve

Huzzah for the Silly Bastards!

And the title of this Post is..... Nothing!

They look closer to see if his foot actually touched the base.

They're always there, waiting, in the dark.

Running in sand

A Meaningful Distraction

Tag, you know.

Hollow and Sweet

Life is Compromise

What is this about?

Springtime in November

Dreams of Paintings and Painting

It's a hard world for little things.

The Big Greasy Cheese Conspiracy! That's Who.

It couldn't be simpler.