What is this about?

A good question. Sometimes I have to go ahead and write what I write before I can even guess what it is I'm writing about. I guess it's called Retrospective Writing or just plain, Getting Old. It is always clear at the end of the piece what I set out to say.

Another long dream about hospitals last night. In this segment, I complained to some authority figure that I really didn't like floating to ICU to work because I'd never actually been oriented there. Somehow in my dream, I'd periodically been sent to work in ICU and given a slug of the less sick patients, because I didn't know all the protocols and routines for ICU patients.

This is interesting because I was never floated to ICU at St Pete's in my whole time there, as far as I remember right now. I've certainly been to ICU and I've done a lot of procedures in ICU, but I was always part of an Anesthesia or surgical traveling show. At least, for the most part.

Enough of thinking about the deep dark confused past. I need to move on and think of the things I'm thinking about. The confused present.

I had more thoughts come to me about the Sally story. There's so much I need to learn about how his life would have been back in the 50s. There would have been so many fewer resources for him to rely on. He would have been mostly on his own. What could he have been hired for by the people around him? He would have to have hidden his intelligence from most people because it would have drawn unwanted attention to him. He would have had to exist in a very tricky space. He couldn't have ever gotten above his place. He would have taken a lot of beatings, gotten a lot of scars. There was almost no fight he could have won because he was a stunted tree, growing in one place. Easy to find. Unable to get away or hide much in his surroundings. He lived on only through the indulgence of everyone who ignored him.

Sally might have killed before, but he'd have to leave the bodies where they fell. He would have waited for months, maybe years before carrying out his plans. He would have had to set things up carefully. I will give this some thought. How could he do it and have someone else unwittingly remove the evidence for him?

InNstead let's say the story is about his planning to get rid of someone who is threatening him and his way of life, or something or someone he loves. Like the Hunchback story.

There's so much about him that is interesting to me. But first I have to learn about his life.

I heard this morning, during my shower, that Andy Weir, the author of the Martian, has a new novel out, called, Artemis. About a girl on a moon colony. Once again, it sounds like it's a well-researched story about a well-established colony on the moon and what could happen there.

I'm learning more about painting and soon I should have the paints and brushes to try some out.

So let's see. What is it I was trying to say in the piece? No idea. I guess my original premise was bullshit. Go figure.

 More later,


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