Whoohoo and Starry Empangulations to You (and the Horse you rode in on.)

Feeling more myself today, What, what? Hooray.

A brief empangulated note  before I cast myself into the fiery furnace of portraiture.

Number 5
I didn't get a lot done today except I finally bought the Nikon d3400 on ebay as a bundle after a few weeks of grinding empangulation. It feels good to have the deed done. Now I will rise or fall with it.

Finished painting #5 (looks more like number 2). I didn't look at it again until I got up this morning and I'm less wild about it than I was last evening. I think it is a work best seen at dusk from a distance on horseback. Just my opinion.

I slept remarkably well for one in the throes of cholera. Actually the mag citrate kind of sensed my contrite and sorry ass dilemma and and gave me the night off. I was still up as usual but no emergent arisions.

Since I seem to be getting worse rather than better on my interpretations of the backyard I love so much, I've decided to try to paint something that cannot help being more impressionist, not to say shitty. I love the world too much for me to pick any other subject than my own image. I should probably paint it 100 times before I profane the likeness of any worthwhile item.

Wish me luck or at least some decent empang.

More later,


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