It's a long Tibetan Bear that has no turning.

This piece started out about 2 hours ago as something completely different and now I have to hurry so that I can relax while I paint. So it will be what it becomes.

Inspector Clouseau
I got a few things done this morning, notably the guy came and blocked up all the holes into the crawlspace and set traps for the verminous weaselly critters that live there. He will come back in a week to check traps and reset them. Tonight at dish the grisly reign on terror on rodents begins. Mwah-ha-ha-hahaha... cough burp

Elsewhere, we currently are waiting for the repairman to come and fix the dishwasher and for Mike to call with news on the pickup truck.

The pickup broke down for Ashton on the way home from school, so it turned into a learning time for her on how to weather the inevitable hassles of the car breakdown. She called AAA and rode with the wrecker to Mike's where I picked her up and we ran a couple errands and had a good talk about things. It was a good time connecting for the two of us.

She drove the BMW to school today so I'm looking forward to the truck getting fixed.

I'm anxious to get going on the painting so I'll close here.

More later,


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