They look closer to see if his foot actually touched the base.

This will be short, but it counts because I am writing an entry today.

I'm expecting Peter Foster Strohm, the famous plainsman, paterfamilias and noted music wrangler. He comes to our settlement to trade pelts and doodads and bring news of the country north of here. I expect he will have harrowing, spellbinding stories of his daily commute to and from Fort Lewis (JBLM) and Federal Way in the service to our country. Wildlife and such.

Anyway, he should be here soon and we are busy scurrying about and making the house look normal. We are trying our hardest to present the appearance of a "normal" family with nothing to hide (except what's in the crawlspace, see yesterday's entry).

I notice that there are now permanent dots of watery acrylic paint on my computer screen from my cleaning of paintbrushes the other day. It appears to be un-removable by legal methods. Normally I don't mind marks and blemishes on my things, but the screen is the source of my attention a good deal of every day and I  will notice the dots constantly. It will be chance to work on my OCD. We'll see how that turns out.

I don't think I'll add to the ongoing story of Solomon Hirsch today. Once I begin I tend to become way to engaged to start and stop a lot.

Let's see, it was a pretty good night's sleep. I was up per usual, but between times, I slept well. It's odd that I still have that annoying itch in my right ear soon after I lay down to read at night. It must be psychosomatic because it disappears in a little while and I'm good for the rest of the night.

Ben is at Best Buy working on orientation. Last night I spoke with him as he took a break in his car. He said he was having trouble because of his ADD. I called him and told him that he didn't have ADD and that the boring nature of employee orientation makes anyone feel like they have something wrong with them. He'll have to learn a important lesson about that.

I remember that depressive feeling when all I wanted to do was leave the building and go sit in my car where it felt like I belonged. It took a little while to pass but it passed.

Almost done, but I had to add that I was able to remove the little "permanent" dots of paint with a Kleenex, water and elbow grease. It's good to know that my OCD can rest in comfort. We must wait for somethhng else to challenge it.

More later,


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