The Big Greasy Cheese Conspiracy! That's Who.

Firstly, I want to say that there is no, so called, Greasy Cheese Plot going on anywhere, so everyone can just relax and go about your business. I don't know how these things get started. It's like someone sits down at a keyboard somewhere and purposefully create baseless rumors and FALSE NEWS just to get people riled up. This didn't use to happen, when I was a kid or even growing up. Sure, there were end of the world rumors going around, most of the time, come to think of it. But those rumors were based on news reports from big name, reputable, newscasters like, well, Huntley and Brinkley, Howard K Smith and that other guy that everyone impersonates. You know who I'm talking about. He had a mustache. You know. Just forget it.

It's cold outside. I'm washing clothes. Ashton has a half day of school today and I have to get into town to pick up my prescription. Maybe more than one, I can't keep track of all these things. It's not important anyway. I go in and pick up however many there are. You see, smartypants.

I want to fire the tiles Ashton and I painted the other day but I'm not completely sure there dry enough yet. The first three hours of the firing are at low temperature with the top of the kiln open so that would probably dry them out enough. They should be good. I should check my Puget Sound Energy account to see how much the two firings a couple weeks ago took in terms of electricity.

I had weird dreams last night but I can't remember them now. I should write them down when I wake up, except if I do, no, I should just write them down when I wake up. My hands are feeling better this morning.

If I go in to pick up my medicines I should stop into the store and get some bananas and maybe some other things. I'll be close by and it would save gas in the long run.

Are there more subjects I should write about here today. I don't know right now. I need to go shift my laundry and get some more coffee.

My mind is not really as scattered as it seems in this blog piece. I just don't have anything specifically on my mind. I guess that means I'm done for now.

Oh, it's garbage and recycling day.

More later,


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