Huzzah for the Silly Bastards!

A very short and provocative statement and then off I go to cut wood and move that tile project along. Once again I'm wondering if I will have time to do any painting today. I spent a good deal of time, well, some time, last evening looking at art as I think that will be key to me finding the way I can best approach painting.

Even though right now I'm thinking that I want to "paint like those guys whose paintings I like", that can't be what I ultimately want. I have to want to see things in a new way and then paint that way.

So, in the end, I would like to paint in my own way. It's the only way that I'm sure to be able to repeat style. It's possible that it would be helpful to try to mimic some painters that I like, in the end I need a style that is uniquely my own, and if that style is accessible to other people, then that would be nice too.

At least I hope someone in my family likes what I come up with. It hasn't worked well with writing but at least when I'm doing it, I like it and I guess that's all that matters in the end. "In the end", seems to pop up a lot in my blogs, at least today it does.

I did get a couple things done today. I went in and picked up a prescription and gave thought to a way I could take the dogs with me on more errands. Speaking of which, I need to make a nice little set of steps or a ramp that I can easily pull up to and that is about the same height as the back of the Expedition. That way, when I go to town on an errand, sometimes the dogs could ride along with me. I would have to make it sturdy and safe for them.

I remeasured the space over the wood stove and found that its width isn't 12 inches, it's more like 10 inches. I will have to rip the piece of shelving too make it fit and then I plan to just screw it to the space above the wood stove to make it semi-permanent. I'll need to recheck the length again before I finish up my cuts and paint the board.

After thinking things over, I've decided to use the tiles around the house as decorations and use Velcro on the back so that I can change their positions at different times of the year.

I'm going to skip my installment of the story of Solomon Hirsch today so that I can get a little bit done in the shop.

Enough for today.

More later,


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