Never Mind! It's Friday the 13th.

Angler who swallowed Dover sole 'lucky to be alive'

OK, a mixed up start to the day. Routine is all over the place so far. Had to get up shower and go into town to get blood drawn. There's sure to be some fun at the doctor's next week. But I'll survive. Anyway, I grabbed breakfast at Carl's Jr. and then went by Rite Aid for a prescription that wasn't ready anyway.

So everything got rearranged and I'm trying to get back on track now. It's 1156h and I'm blogging so you see where I am.

Ashton is home right now because today was teacher inservice day but she has to go in at 1600 because there's an away game that will last until late. She wants to spend the night afterward at a friend's house and so I'm trying to talk with the friend's mom on the phone to vet everything.

I'm feeling kind of rushed, but I'm sure that's because my nascent routine is out of order. I want to spend a little time in the shop but I have to finish this and meditate first, in addition to checking with the other parent about the sleepover plans.

Haven't heard back from anybody yet about anything exterior to me so I'm free to pursue my life of self-fulfillment. Hooray for me!

Smudge is still clingy because I yelled at him yesterday.

I hope things move pretty soon.

More later,


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