Another Mass Killing

Last night at a outdoor concert in Las Vegas some guy broke a window on the 32nd? floor of the Mandalay Hotel and fired an automatic rifle at the crowd of 22,000 people attending the concert. The crowd was blocks away from the hotel and it was night so it's clear that his intention was random killing. Getting hit was an exercise in random probability, but something like 58 people were killed and another 500+ were wounded.

The police responded and a SWAT team went in to stop him but he killed himself (a couple hours too late, as it turns out).

The stories are only starting to come out with the various news agencies jockeying hard for lead position. It will probably take a week or more for the real story behind this mess to become clear. In the end, the reasons uncovered for the shooting will make little sense when held up against the loss of life and heartbreak that will accompany. It is completely understandable, at least to me, that a person can become so lost in their life that they long for release. It is knot at all understandable that they should lose their ability to see others as real people with real lives that matter.

This is even more of a puzzle when you see that the shooter was a 64 year old white man, an accountant. By the time you reach 60 years, you should have a little realistic prespective under your belt.

Very sad.

More later,


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