Shall we try harder?

Tuesday and my sleep was not easy last night. Thinking back, it might have been me finishing my coffee in the afternoon. Much later than usual. It seems like I was awake almost hourly and always trouble falling back to sleep. The songs running through my head were Kenny Loggins. Mostly just a couple phrases, which I came to admire exceedingly.

The usual aches and pains which always seem larger and more important in the sleepless corners of the darkness.

After talking with Julie yesterday I am reminded that what I said was true; my biggest strength is still my procrastination. I need to, once again, take a few days and establish the routine that I want to follow. I have the rising through breakfast down, now I just need to codify the checking email, writing in the blog and meditation again.

Somehow I have to transition to working in the shop and finally the exercise portion of the afternoon. I need to make music more easily available in the shop so i can flip it on then get on to the exercise while it plays. Even better, I need a storytelling channel, like audiobooks or something like that.

I also need to get back to devoting 30 minutes or so to working on the story. When can I dare to call that story what it is; a book? Even more, when will I give it a name. I understand that giving it a name reminds me of the connection with early naming of the first book and the quasi-disaster it became in my mind.

That brings me to another point. There is much good about I.T. and even though it now lies mouldering in its coffin of published form. That doesn't mean that I can't unearth it, pry open the box and see if I can breath life into it with a rewrite. That one section in the middle has haunted my thoughts since I rushed through it so I could push out of my door to see if it could finish itself on the hoof. The sad thing never had a chance with such a creator as myself. I would remove that section first and see what I could do to finish Thomas Verwarring's personality. There are things about the story that work.

Next I will meditate.

More later,


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