Hallowed What?

Tuesday and you know that means Garbage and Recycling day. It's also Halloween or All Hallows Eve or the holiday created by the Confectio-Industrial Complex. It's not a safe world for Halloween anymore. Children are kidnapped and adults are drinking too much and driving. Other than that, it's a fun but grotesque celebration.

We are numb to cataclysm and inhumanity. Darkness has gained a great foothold on people in part because media has ramped up the game of thrills, higher and higher.

I pull back and explore the caverns inside me. Places I never dared or bothered to go before.

Having said all of that, I will now proceed to make light of as much as I can.

I had a good talk with Nick on the phone yesterday. I asked him why we never wrote songs of our own rather than cover pop stuff. He said he thought it was because we lacked a luminary talent. But I think it was because we were never serious or mature enough to have that as a goal. We certainly had enough talent between us all, even if it were only a couple of us. I can see now how to go about writing original songs, just by trial and error and practice. We were all in it for our own reasons and those had nothing to do with music.

I was nobody at the time and masquerading quietly as a person. I did that for a long time. Always afraid I would be found out. Still, in a way, I fear exposure as a fraud even though I no longer feel like I am. Most fears come early and stay late. Everything we fail to deal with, remains with us.

These are good points. I think I should move on to meditation now. After that I think I'll draw for a little while. Maybe I can come up with a couple simple ideas for tiles.

More later,


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