Tuesday- More opportunities

A terrible night's sleep. I suppose that means I'll have a much better one tonight. Maybe it was partially due to the change in the weather. I awoke to gray skies and rain. I guess I somehow thought that the whole fall and winter would be sprinkles with crisp sunny days. Something wrong with that picture, you think?

So today I need to check my list and get a couple more things done. One thing is to talk with Bill in Tennessee about writing up some blocks for the Neuraxiom site.

I wrote to him for permission to put up a couple of the block picture sets on the Neuraxiom site in order to draw in a little more attention and maybe get some more drawing work. I also mentioned that I was looking to find someone to write up some of the newer blocks to keep the site relevant. Apparently the deal with Dan A. fell through for some reason. Probably just very busy. So I contacted Dooz and he said yes but that he was busy now. So I don't see why I can't solicit block articles from several sources to keep things interesting.

After all, the purpose of the site is to get the information out there in a form that can be used. I need to ask Bill and Dooz what they think the appeal of the site is. I think Dan was right, it a place to go and quickly find the reference information to refresh your mind before the block. Maybe that's how I should approach all of the block. Cut the big long articles down to a minimum and keep the graphic information at a maximum.

Moving on through my routine now.

More later,


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