Tag! I'm still it.

Denver, 15th & Curtis
So my day is a little mixed up because I had an eye appointment this morning and even though it was very fast and efficient, it threw my morning off. There was also a huge mixup with Ashton's appointment in Centralia this afternoon, off, on, off, on, off. No kidding, that was the exact pattern. Between all that were an unusual number of phone calls about everything.

I skipped my meditation on the muse but meditated at the eye place while waiting for the doctor. I need to get some tile painting done and hopefully some oils too, so I'm going to cut this short.

My eyes were fine and unchanged, both. I didn't get another prescription so it didn't cost me anything. But my eyes are still dilated so everything is fuzzy with haloes. Perfect for painting.

My big news is that last evening I got an email saying that Christopher Clark, the artist that painted a cityscape that I was drooling over, was accepting offers. I got the email since I'd put it on my Watchlist. It was listed for $1000 so I had seriously considered that I'd ever get it. With the email in hand I went on site and made an offer for $300, hoping that it wasn't too insulting. After a while I got a counteroffer of $700. I countered with 400 he said $600. I countered with $500 and he accepted.

It was more than I'd ever considered but I really liked the piece so I figured WTF, I'm not getting any younger. Why wait? I'm looking forward to getting it. It's 20" x 30" and so I want to put it close by in the office so I can look at it. I'll put up the image they'd put up on Ebay so I can remember it later. I think it's called, "Denver, 15th & Curtis" by Christopher Clark. I'm very pleased that it came my way.

It just shows you, something anyway. I guess, Shit Happens, You Never Know Unless You Ask. Stuff like that.  Looking at the wall now, I'm not sure where it will go. I'm hoping it looks as good in real life as it does in the posted image.

I'm going to get on with my painting now.

More later,

p.s.- I just checked my Ebay and found a message from the gallery re the painting. Clark had made changes to the painting since it went up for sale. He added red to some of the lights. A few too many for my ideal. I would have thought one red in the taillights of the passing car would have been enough. He also seemingly missed the reflection the stoplight in the center of the picture. I replied that I preferred the original version but I still wanted the picture. I'm a little disappointed though.


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