No Better than my Word

I said I'd write daily and so here I am again. I could go through the usual crybaby shit about how hard it is and what I'd rather be doing but, in the end, I'll get on with it and try to avoid all those those bad writing habits that I'm riddled with. Including correcting everything as I write the mistake. Wait til the end and, wait til the end. There'll be time enough for fixing when the writing's done.

It's Friday and I'm expecting to hear from Mike with the news that the truck is ready for pickup. The problem is that there's now no one to help me get it. I hope Sue remembers to come right home after work so we can hopefully pick it up. Otherwise, I'll have to go in and pay for it and pick up the keys,  then go back for the truck later.

Sue's on call at 5p, Ben works til 545p and Ashton has some kind of activity after school. She still has my BMW while the truck is in the shop.

I'm wanting to paint something else today, not the sunflowers again. I went back and worked on the previous 2 pictures yesterday and did a 3rd one. I'm beginning to learn about painting and one trick I've found is to take off my glasses. With the glasses on, I tend to focus too much on the details.

A short break there. Whilst away I remembered that when I woke up this morning my right wrist was really singing. Anterior side mostly. It partially felt carpal tunnely, but also right through the joint. It made it hard and painful to hyperextend my wrist and ached all the way around. Especially to the lateral side where lieth the large rheumatoid nodule, which felt very sensitive. For a little bit I wondered if it would make it tough to take a shower. When I got to the bathroom I took a couple Advil to calm it down. By the time I got through breakfast and sat down at the computer, the pain had gone. Now my wrist feels pretty normal. I would put the initial morning pain at about 5 locally.

Finished the night witih some strange dreams. One involved a train. Again I was away from home and trying to get back to my car, but it was unclear where the car was. There was something grimmer going on in one of the dreams and I kept telling myself it was a dream and there was nothing real to worry about. For the life of me, now I can't remember what the issue was, but it was obviously a dream and there was nothing to worry about.

Not looking at what I'm typing is a much faster way to get thoughts down much like taking off my glasses is a much faster way to paint. I get too bound up in the detailia and there is always enough time to go back and deal with them at the completion of the thoughts reduction.

I need to go now and begin the editing process and also move some clothes I'm washing.

More later,


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