Train Wrecks, Smashed Basketball Dreams, & Laundry

That kind of sums up my day so far. This morning, lying in bed struggling with an idea for a painting and suddenly the phone rings and it's Sue saying that they've called a Mass Casualty sitcom due to a train derailment at the overpass near the Nisqually delta. After she hung up, I got a phonebot call from the hospital telling me the same thing.

After that, a lot of people began calling here from faraway places to see what I knew. I've spoken with Bill W. a few times as we compare notes. What I know comes from the internet and no place else. It said that St Pete's got 10 people with 2 going to surgery. Hope things go well there.

I never came up with a solid idea for a painting. Mostly it was about changing the lighting in photos I like to lend some drama to the scenes.

Oh yeah, the basketball part. I got a text from Ashton asking to go to a basketball game in Rochester tonight. After a long exchange, I turned her down because it's a school night and her grade still suck in 3 classes. I apologized because I really would have liked to say Yes. So she's not happy with me either. Being a grown-up sucks, ask anybody.

I need to push on to painting and see what I can come up with. I need some enthusiasm and what's that other thing? Oh Yeah, inspiration. Of course, Trujillo says that Picasso Said, Inspiration better find you working, or something like that.

Need to go to Costco again. Hoping for tomorrow with Ben, who's working today 9-5. We shall see.

Do I need to say that I'm doing laundry?

More later,


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