Oh yeah, it's Christmas Eve.

I'm writing this at 2130h because it's been a very busy day and I wanted to get something down here before it becomes tomorrow.

We had a fun Christmas here. A lot of laughing while we opened presents. A real good time. As a surprise, it snowed this afternoon and the trees look absolutely beautiful. White Christmas!

I didn't paint today but I did check out a couple videos on painting flowers. Last night while grinding out what I should be painting I thought that I would focus on flowers until something else popped up in my mind.

I also had another idea about frame making. I think I can do it using a wide crown 18 or 20 gauge pneumatic stapler from Harbor Freight. All I probably need is a little better clamping system and then once I get the pieces cut and fit, I glue and clamp and then shoot 2 to 3 staples across the joints. Just leave it clamped until the glue sets. I think that will work for frames.

I'll still probably need the point driver to mount panel paintings in the frames. I'll try to get it for less on Ebay but either way I'll have to get it before I get a lot farther along.

More later,


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