Not everybody makes it to morning.

I'm trying the shortcut again today. I'll work on this a bit and then put it away and hopefully open it back up again tonight when I'm at the resting state.

It was a very broken night's sleep. Sue got called in last evening and didn't get back until a little after 2 am, I think.

I was awake a lot during the night and got up early to get Ashton up for school and let the dogs out. I went right back to bed and read.

Never really got back to sleep but started Gwendy's Button Box by Stephen King. Really like it and got immersed in the story right away. His style captures me quickly. I wish there wee more writers like him.

When I got up and moving, the dogs and I went out on the deck and Scout went right to digging after something in the far backyard. He dug with all the joy and energy of his younger self. Smudge was very excited to see his friend having so much fun. He even pretended to dig next to him for a few seconds. I don't think Smudge understands what Scout's doing, but he likes to watch him.

This cold weather (about 24 degrees) is really Smudge's favorite. He has the coat for it. Scout likes the cold too and they both like snow. Neither of them like rain, especially heavy rain.

I got a notice that Fedex will deliver the Denver piece tomorrow. That should work well. They will want a signature.

Got a Friend Request on Facebook from Bill Weaver this morning out of the blue. It seems that people tend to tie up loose end as they get older. Of course, I accepted it quickly. I suspect he retired and someone said, hey, you should get on Facebook and he agreed. We'll see.

Let's see if I remember to continue this later.

Wahlah! I did it. Now it is 6:19 PM and I'm back. I had pizza snacks for dinner and now Sue and I are watching 'The Bishop's Wife" with David Niven, Cary Grant, and Loretta Young.

This afternoon I painted a picture of flowers. It was more fun but I still don't have the loose style down. I need to practice some more, and I will.

Ashton is home from her appointment at Cascade and she said she had a good visit there. She was upset earlier today because in health class they learned about abusive relationships and she realized that her first boyfriend was that kind of person. I was proud of her for calling me and speaking about it with her counselor.

Ben went to work for few hours tonight. Good for him.

Anyway, it was a very nice day. I hope everyone enjoyed their day too.

More later,


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