Yeeee Harrrrrr! (etc)

Another beautiful day here. Morning fog with the winter sun breaking through about 1100h. Right now it's a model day and I'm not going to let anything dampen my fucking enthusiasm for life today. Except my right elbow is killing. Honestly, I don't know what I did to it. But when I woke up this morning, in agony, I might add, it was the size of a casaba melon and throbbing bright red, and my elbow was too.

But seriously, I had the strangest dreams this morning while I was pretending to be asleep. I was in an auditorium, which is a funny word, listening to a lecture about something. There were a lot people in suits and fancy dresses, when the speaker walked up the rows to the back where I was and handed me a cordless ultrasound probe and announced that I would now show the wonders of ultrasound to the crowd. I was shocked, but I figured OK, I can do this. So I got up and realized I had no pants on, but again I figured, in for a penny... and walked on down to the stage in the front of the hall. There was an old lady lying on a cart and several big machine which I took to be ultrasound equipment. The crowd was quiet and so I introduced myself and then stopped when it came to saying where I worked and what I did and said I was retired now but I used to work with ultrasound.

I started scanning the old woman's neck and when I looked at the screen you could see all the way through to her back and all the skinny muscle were outlined on the screen, like a desiccated cadaver. I told the crowd that she was very thin and normally you can't see all the way through someone. I pulled the plug on the dream after that because I had to pee really bad.

So I've planned to spend quite a bit of the day painting and I want to get to it soon. There's not a lot else to say. Sue went into town to run some errands and I'm washing clothes. Nothing else for now. Oh and the dogs are both asleep on the couch.

I was kidding about the elbow but not about the dream.

More later,


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