What's that you say, Werner?

Sunday and I've gotten a couple things done. This last week was an expensive one, between the dishwasher, the truck and the pest control, it was about $2500. But what price can you really put on a well-running truck to drive away from a rodent infested house with dirty dishes? At least $2500, right?

Christmas is shaping up here. This is earliest we've gotten things moving, in memory. We're usually rushing around at the last minute to put up a minimum show. This year, it's the 3rd of December and there's presents beneath the tree and a few decorations up. Huzzah!

I had dreams last night but I can't remember them now. A lot of them were about painting dogs. it's seems to me that our dogs, and I'm talking primarily about Scout, have a very simple and distinctive shape. I want to practice painting it so I can put our dogs in more of the outdoor pictures.

I put a couple of the paintings I bought up in the bathrooms. The Semberecki's, one each in the bathrooms. They're very colorful and I like looking at bright colors in the mornings. They help my mind work better or at least get started better. I hope to get more nice pictures to put around. Good for the brain. You can quote me.

The large Trujillo print came yesterday and I put it up in the front room next to the clock. A little dark there to get the colors but during the day it shows better. I ordered another 24x36 print from him today. Both of them should brighten up a room nicely.

uhhhh. I'm not sure what else to write right now so, I guess it's time to stop. Bye.

p.s.- I just put an offer in on the Christopher Clark cityscape for $300. It's probably just a wild hope but there it is.

More later,


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