The Longest Day

I'm pretty sure this is the winter equifax or the freezo de myo buttoff, or something. The longest night or the shortest day or both. It's frosty cold out there this morning and the sun was rising at about 9 am when the dogs and I went out onto the back deck to count trees. Almost everything is still there including a fresher and yet still dead, opossum which the dogs have laid at the end of the walkway next to the chicken yard. All I can assume is that it's placed there as a warning to any other possums that might consider coming into Scouty's domain.

I first spotted the casualty in a picture I took yesterday with my new camera. The sun suddenly burned off the fog and shone brightly through the trees yesterday morning and I grabbed my camera to take some pictures. Later (much later, but that's another story) I was looking through the pictures (they are very big, 6000 x 4000) when I spotted what looked like a doll lying in the grass. I went out to look and sure enough, there it was. At first I thought it was the one they got a couple weeks ago, but it looked much fresher than 2 weeks dead. I've been watching the dogs since I found it and neither of them have shown any interest in the corpus at all.

I wanted to apologize for going off the rails yesterday. It was a typical Vander-Beekian demolition derby. Once I began having trouble with the photo editing software, I became fixated on making it work, no matter the ultimate cost. The solution, which I kept skipping past, was to install the camera specifics. I started there and then I'd spin off into some other possibility. In the end, I googled the Nikon camera drivers from Corel and that was it. I blew 4 or 5 hours on it, and during the time, I was not a pleasant person. As a weak defense, Corel did not make it easy.

It's done now and we can change the camera format back to RAW (NEF) format and save some space on the SD card by not saving as a fine jpg as well.

I ended up getting so pissed off that I didn't paint, I went into the Rite-Aid and picked up a prescription instead. It needed to be done and I picked up some stocking stuffing at the same time. Even that caused me to have a little internal battle. I really am an immature, selfish shit of a person. Merry Christmas, everyone.

I will paint today and it will begin soon. I may make two partial pictures. I'd like to work on flowers on at least one canvas.

Enough for now,

more later,


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