Just a quick note.

It's 2:50 pm and I thought I'd make a short note to show that I take my commitments seriously.

Ben and I went to Costco to do the pre-Christmas utility shopping. We stopped at the bank and then for take-out lunch from Eagan's. We got a seasoned rib roast for Christmas dinner. Ben guessed the check-out total at Costco. He was off by 37 cents. He guessed $510. He's going to buy a Lotto ticket when he goes out later today with his friends to see the new Star Wars movie.

I didn't paint today but last night I came up with an idea for a picture. A still life of a book and coffee cup and that idea led me to a concept for pictures. Things that I like and things that I like, other people might like. Somebody likes some things. It's a rule, I think.

So now Ben and I are watching a couple episodes of The Grand Tour. It's fun show and we're having a good time.

But overall, I wanted to say that I've pretty completely abandoned my routine for the day, but it was worth it. I had a good time with Ben.

Let's all just take a moment and appreciate the fact that I'm at least finishing the bog entry for the day. So there!

More later,


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