Up Early and then nothing.

Woke up early and tried going back to sleep several times. Finally gave up and got up. Got through my routines up to the point that I started looking at H-frame easels for no particular reason other than I was siezed by the idea that I really needed one. Got all the way to putting the light duty H-frame into my cart on the Blick site and reaching for the checkout button and then stopped. I realized that if I did need one it wasn't now and that I had plenty of time to get one if I did need one. I have a light easel in the shop that I'm currently not using. Too big for the size of canvases I'm learning to paint on. Come spring I may get one for the office and leave the shop one for outdoors (en plein air).

All that explains why it's almost 1000 h and I haven't accomplished more than that. I want to get things done and then set up and paint a still life with a book and coffee cup. What's so tough about that? But I will procrastinate until it becomes a last minute thing. It's a gift.

It's a beautiful morning. Blue skies and slightly foggy sunrise. Just went out and took pictures with my Nikon. Uploaded them to my computer, reinstalled Aftershot and upgraded it to the Pro version. It won't open the NEF (RAW) files from the Nikon. Installed the Nikon ViewNX2 utility and it opened most of the NEF files. Wasted about 1.5 hours on this shit so far and still haven't painted. About fed up with it for now. Will fire off a support request to Corel and get on with my day. Another lesson re-learned. Nothing is ever simple and whatever other pessimistic thoughts I can have. Stopping for now, not really.

Just tried to convert NEF to TIFF or JPG using the Nikon software and it wouldn't do that either. WTF?

More later,


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