A night of thinking more than sleeping yields little.

So my little gdunkenspiel of troubling my mind for an idea while I'm supposed to be sleeping didn't work last night. All I came up with was to base a picture on what looking out of a windshield looks like to the driver. I was very enthusiastic about the plan while trying to sleep. I even based several dreams on it, at least one involving an electric car that I was actually paint the inside of. (Bad sentence structure there.) But imagine my surprise when upon waking, I found the idea was shit. Really try to imagine that. I'll wait. Be right back.

OK, I'm back. How was it? Did you get a sense of how frustrated I was at trying out my brand new method and coming up shit-cakes? OK, then.

I want to say I even hung around (hanged around) in bed for a while this morning with my eyes closed hoping to tumble onto another painting idea. After that zipped out, I looked for something in the shower, bupkis. What I did come up with was to message Jennifer Baur in Texas and ask her to send me some pictures of the deserty countryside around her house. Later when I went to Facebook to ask her to send something, it occurred to me that I could just go onto Google Earth and look for pictures of the southwest and when I did that, guess what? I found a lot of pictures of the southwest.

I'm still hoping to come up with something original, but for now I'll cruise G-Earth and look for cool pictures to ogle.

I got the 9x12 frames I ordered and when I tried out some of the pictures I did on recycled 9x12 canvas board, they didn't fit. So I cut one of the pictures down to fit and we'll see what I do with the others.

I hung (hanged?) a couple more pictures to clear up space in my office and I've decided to take the day off of painting today. how about that?

I going to boing out and go help Sue do stuff now. I'll get back to the grind tomorrow. Adioski.

More later,


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