Why is this so tough to remember?

Here we are again. Really, it's just me. Crawling back to the altar of bloggery, asking for forgiveness, ready to perform my penitence.

I've no idea why I can't remember to swing by here and write a little something on a regular basis. But here I am again, hoping to make up for it.

It is spring and the sun is fighting for a place in our sky among the rain clouds. Today, it is losing.

The spirit of our house is improved as we become accustomed to the absence of pour elder-dog and Yard-King, Scout. I still find myself thinking about him on a regular basis. I hope that doesn't change. The memories of him are still fresh to me. The smell of his head, the feel of his fur, the looks he gave me and the way he "talked" to get his thoughts across to us. I think Smudge is doing better as well. Smudge has shown quite a bit of change in his behaviors. He's definitely becoming more "his own dog" in many ways. He spends more time exploring the edges of the yard and barking and chasing intruding birds, mostly crows, and chasing the rabbits.

I've been trying to take him with me in the car on errands more, and he enjoys it. He's been eating better as well, but still throws the food back up on occasion. Not sure what that's about. Had him checked out a few weeks ago after I saw him do it a couple times and the vet found nothing.

Ashton is still struggling with school work and boy friends, not in that order. The year will end soon and I worry it won't be a happy result for the summer.

Ben seems to be doing OK. He has a new love interest and we'll see how that turns out.

The rest of the household struggles on and has it's head above water. The vanity top/sink came in at Lowes. They're bobbling the sidesplash, being unable to lay hands on it when I went to pick up the vanity top. I'm still waiting for the vanity cabinet to come in, hopefully in about 8 days from today. Then we'll be able to move ahead on the project. I bought a faucet while picking up the top. Still looking for a flooring remnant, light bar, med cabinet.

I picked up some 2x8x16' for re-decking the trailer when the gumption rises with the weather.

I've done some more painting, trying to break out of the copyist mould and throw down thoughts of my own. Not an easy thing to do. Yesterday I finally did the picture "Mr. Abernathy at the Beach" and quietly put it up on my galleries. It makes me uneasy and worried and I suppose that's what it's supposed to do. It is a work in progress but I'm not sure how far I should finish it. But that's another thing I'm learning, finishing a work is not a continuous linear concept, I can return whenever I decide there is more to do. As a matter of fact, I've just decided to fix an older painting that hangs in the bathroom and bothers me every time I look at it.

Three cheers! Hurrah! Hirra, hubar. Whatever.

I guess that about covers the status quo here so.

More later,


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