Anonymous Tuesday

I know, I know. It's been a long time since I made an entry here. I want you to know I've been making small attempts at writing my thoughts. I've just been putting them into the meditation app I use with Muse. The problem is that some days it's nigh impossible to get the Must headset connected to the app and by the time I'm connected I'm so pissed and short-tempered that meditation seems more like seething for the first 15 minutes.

Today I decided, after about 5 minutes of futzing about, waiting for the thing to connect, I would just hoof it and set a timer and meditate the old fashioned way; on foot, as it were. It worked fine and I avoided the frustration of Muse. The down side was I had no numbers on how well I did. I understand the irony of the complaint. I know that using a device to meditate is a little like using a milking machine for sex. But I also know that if I use the device consistently it's very easy for me focus without it when the need arises. And I also know that the novelty of the device makes me more likely to use it because of my own conceit and love of the glitzy, sparkly tech. That's just the way it is.

So. Have I been painting (you ask)? No, I haven't. I've drawn a little, but no, no painting. I've had a lot of little shit to do and, by the way, I've been keeping up with my exercise. But no painting. I've been thinking about it more and that's a good thing. I hope to get back to it soon.

I have to go the High School in a little bit to speak with Ashton's teachers. Parent/Teacher conference day. I think she's doing better this year than in the past, but it is her senior year. So be it.

Smudge is doing good. He's been able to go on more errands lately and he loves that. I think he's good at waiting in the car while I go into stores. So far we've gotten up to about 10 minutes.

I have to call Comcast and get help hooking up a set top box I got from them about 4 years ago and I need to get going on that so I'll cut this short.

More later,


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