It is the 23rd of December. The day before Christmas Eve. It has been a month and a half since since I last wrote on this "daily" blog. Hence the title of this piece.

It hasn't been an uneventful month and a half. Every day has at least it's share of drama and mundane life transactions. A lot has been noteworthy but not all of the notes would  interest everyone else in the world. Sometimes I just lie in bed at night and think about the thoughts I've had during the day. There's a lot of review that goes on. Hardly anything passes without appeal, review and re-evaluation. Minds are changed and better viewpoints are taken using this process.

Most of the time the results are unimportant, at least on a cosmic scale. Let me restate that; unimportant, except on a cosmic scale. You see how that works now?

I can't organize my thoughts well enough while in an anterograde direction, starting from 45 days ago, so I'll just jot a few things down in random order.

I hurt my back yesterday, pulled a muscle in my right lower back, and I hate it. Had trouble walking, especially on my right leg, yesterday afternoon and evening. I took some ibuprofen and methocarbamol and stayed sitting and this morning it felt better but it's not gone yet. I wanted to exercise some but I'm skipping it again today in hopes that tomorrow, the sun will come out, tomorrow, tomorrow, betchure bottom dollar that... well never mind about that. I'm hoping this infirmity passes quickly and without further consequences.

A few days ago I became entangled with the persistent thought, some might call it a short term obsession, that I needed to save my future, in terms of care-free computing by replacing the hard drive in my desktop with a sold state drive. This type of obsessive, goal oriented thinking is one of my prime characteristics. Out of all my character faults, this one falls into a pretty neutral category. It can be expensive but one of my other faults is that I'm pretty cheap and that acts as a natural governor on the profligate spending tendency.

So even as I write this, some Samsung Data Migration software is cloning my desktop's 2 terabyte boot disk onto a 2 terabyte Samsung Solid State Drive. My office is charged with the static electricity of computational excitement. The endpoint of all this effort, time and relative expense will hopefully come to fruition with me swapping the SSD for the existing boot drive and when the machine is powered on again it will magically spark to life, silently, surely, and swiftly. This event will hearken a new life for this elderly machine, who has had two previous hard disk replacements under warranty. This new life will be as a superior machine, an elevated form of desktop with no moving parts inside, on a level with a machine like Voyager 1. Dare I say it? Nearly immortal. This machine may outlast me on any basis you might consider. Even if I'm very good and exercise ever day and lose weight and eat better, even then. Isn't that something? Can I get an Amen?

Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve. The kids are grown. Their excitement is pointed in every possible direction except for the Christmas of our family. That is completely understandable for now. Someday in the future they will come to know what was here, now. That is the way of life. It's hard for me now, it will be hard for a few more Christmases, while the bonds are stretched and thinned and nearly broken, But the bonds will prove permanent and will reform on their own to become stronger again as the knowledge of what was lost becomes real to them. This is what growing up is. This is what growing old is.

We must all learn to accept life as it is, to be joyful and thankful for life as we have it. We have to accept the changes that make our lives sweet and sour, and unbearable and sublime as our time passes towards the inevitable end.

There now, aren't you sorry I come back here and write these things?

More later,


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