A beautiful Sunday.

Sunday has come again and it's a beautiful day. Haven't quite decided where I want to put my priorities today. There's still a lot of things I need to do, watering, cleaning up, etc. Plus, I want to get into the shop for a little while, but I'm also interested in relaxing a bit today.

I didn't sleep well last night and it turns out that I forgot to take my night-time meds and that accounts for it. I questioned myself about that last night and I thought I remembered taking them and so I didn't get up to check. This morning they were still there. Oh well. Must move on.

It's about time for me to get back to the writing again. I enjoy editing the stories but I really need to make some substantive changes that will build the story in a more structural way. I don't even have a final name for the last story and it deserves a little more attention. It could be a good story but right now it's just an A --> B --> C story without any meaning. It could be better than that. It has the underpinnings.

Even these little blog pieces are missing any attempt at creativity these days. I read back through posts from last year and I worked harder on them back then. Some of them were even entertaining. OK, maybe entertaining is too strong a word but some portions of some of them were a little brighter in color than the grey grey gray entries I put out now. I am not trying to improve anymore and it shows.

In other ways, my life and days are much improved over last year and definitely the year before. I still have much to do but my attention is scattered all over the place. I need to remind myself that tackling the remediation of the shop is a huge, frightening and daunting task that I dreaded for years, literally. I need to congratulate myself for taking it on and making at least the progress that I've made so far. Good job (idiot).

Having given myself three cheers and hardy handclasp I should now close this and move on to what I need to do today.

More later,


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