All the parts come together.

Sue and the kids came back from Hawaii this morning. I only slept a couple hours last night and I got a text at 0430 the they had landed in Seattle. Since they were taking a shuttle back home from the airport, I tried to go back to sleep for a little while but failed and so got up a little after 5 am and showered and had breakfast and straightened up a bit so the house would be nice for them. They pulled in about 6 am and it was a happy reunion for everyone. The dogs were very happy to see them. There had been some worries there.

Now it's 0630 and Ashton and Sue have gone back to bed and Ben has retreated to his computer and says hehas to go somewhere at 1000. Sue also has an appointment for 1000. I think only Ashton has nothing planned but will probably sleep for a while. Who can blame hem, they've been awake and on the move for a day.

So it's quiet again. Only the dogs and myself are up for now and I'm feeling very tired again but I promised to wake Sue at 8:15 so she can get ready to go. I hesitate to drink too much coffee for fear that it will impede my napping but on the other hand, I doubt it will. I plan to stretch out on the couch for a while in a little bit. I have yet to use the couch for its intended purpose.

Without a little more sleep I will not feel like carrying out my usual activities. I think that for now I will play a game on the computer until I need to wake Sue.

More later,


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