OK. Nobody remembers Johnny Carson anymore so another potential joke falls flat. I'm use to it. It's all right.

So it was in the 90's yesterday and it's going there again today, That's how hot it was. Meanwhile, it's Lakefair days in Olympia for those of us less than old (obviously doesn't include me.) Both my kids have made it there for their share of youthful exuberance.

The weather is supposed to moderate towards midweek here, which I will welcome and celebrate by sitting outside more.

Have painted the past few days, outside on the deck, and enjoyed it until the rising heat made less bearable. Started with a couple oil paintings, some touch-ups of old works, and today, I painted in acylics. In 90 degree heat! As you might guess there was more water than paint on the canvas and the palette. A challenge.

I have to old-man-up and try a more abstract view. I think it might help with my standard approach. I will practice a little on my iPad before facing the canvas.

That's enough for today.

More later,


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