Proof of Life

A short note to prove that I'm still among the living and doing well overall. Very hot here today and for the last week. It cools off at night so every morning we open the house and let fresh air in. Very nice. Mornings are beautiful and sitting on the back deck is almost always my favorite part of the day. Smudge is getting better by the day and Rico is getting over his surgery and being a very nice cat to have around.

106 Flowers
I painted in oils today and the drill for the day consisted of mixing the paints down to a whippy consistency a la Trujillo. It really makes the painting easier and more fun. As long as you wipe the brush between strokes it doesn't mix so badly with the previous layer. I like it. I painted two pictures of a vase with flowers today, Nos. 106 & 107. I'm pretty happy with both of them. It felt good to get back to the oils again. They can be very intimidating when you lay off them for a while. They take some experience to enjoy. I think the mixing down will help with my painting.

There is still the issue of creativity for me. I'm hoping that working on the pieces will improve my overall output. It seems that the pieces that I really think have meaning slide past the batter without notice. Maybe it will get better with time.

I hope so at least. I need to get back to the daily blogging or at least weekly. It's good for my mind and hands. Always remember that.

Expecting the remnants of the Rock Foundation next week for a BBQ and round-table discussion. There are no plans to broadcast the session but I'm still going to make everyone involved sign releases in case I can sell it to Netflix. I mean why not, they buy everything else. Actually it's not a bad idea.

More later,


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