Hop, Hop, Hop

Pretty long time between entries these days. I am in a dissolute phase of my life right now and I'm having trouble returning to the correct road.

I got sick, a cold, at the beginning of last week. It's been a long time since I've been sick and it kicked my butt. It began with very bad nights which I tried to get past with cough/cold medicine which for the first time, made it much worse. I would sleep fitfully then wake up from mixed up dreams, confused, and dizzy when I tried to get up. I couldn't tell if it was low blood sugar or the cold or the cold medicine and when I checked, it was all three at different times. After a while, I stopped the medicines, at least during the day and just took cough medicine at bedtime to at least stop the coughing so I could get to sleep.

By the end of the week I was down to a bronchitis, which I'm still courting. I felt so bad I couldn't even go out onto the deck with Smudge in the mornings, which really had an effect on him. I tried to stay in, stay warm and drink lots of water. It's been 10 days since it began and I'm doing much better, just the bronchitis now.

Sue's been gone to DC for most of this and that's good. I would've kept her up nights if she'd been here. She gets back in a couple days.

So through all of this I haven't done any art. During the worst part of the cold I worked on an art project for MTSA and was able to finish it a couple days ago. It was to demonstrate the mechanism of action of local anesthetics. I started with some panel art and then picked up a simple animation app for the iPad (Animation Desk) which was pretty easy to understand, especially since I had several days in a row to work on it.

Now that little project is done and I still haven't bounced back to working on art every day and right now I'm having trouble working that up to a priority again. I've done a few drawings on the iPad and I've played around with the charcoals, but I'd like to get excited about doing some acrylics and mixed work. It just seems so far away right now. It's so much easier to lay back and not make an effort.

Besides all that, I haven't even felt like writing although I found some old writing yesterday, that I did from just after I got back from the hospital stay and I was fascinated by what I'd written. I wonder if I can use that to get back into the active phase.

I'm sure enjoying Smudge's company these days. He's really changed into a close companion. A great dog.

More later,


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