A short Thursday post

The BMW is currently in the shop because the driver's seat mysteriously broke while the car was being vacuumed. I think the message is clear here; never clean the car again. Once again, a good deed is punished. Ashton volunteered to clean the car while she was cleaning her own. I thought that was nice of her. The seat broke while she was cleaning it and I'm sure she thought I was going to yell at her about it and ordinarily she would have been right. But I yell at her too much and she doesn't deserve it. She does a lot of bonehead stuff but she's 16 and trying hard. I need to cut her more slack. 

I'm sure I'm not an easy dad to have. I tend to overdramatize and fixate and obsess and any other maladaptive behavior you can name. But face it, she was trying to do something nice for me and it went wrong. Even if it were her fault, it happened during the kindest of acts and so deserved to be overlook.

Mike just called and the car is ready. It's another band-aid fix. He knows that I have to limit the damage so he fixed it so the seat back is fixed at a comfortable usable angle but the motor for the recline no longer works. I would have to basically replace the seat to "fix" it correctly. That's liable to cost in $3k range. Not really an option for me. This is a 20 year old car and if, for some reason, I decide to rebuild it to primo levels, I can replace the seats at that point. Until then, we limp along. On the other hand, it only cost me about $150. I can afford that.

I swung by Harborfreight afterwards and picked up some parts to hopefully make my compressor more fixable. I installed the new regulator knob that I ordered and then turned it to full power and put another, cheaper, HFT regulator in-line after it. That way I can just replace the $5 regulator whenever it goes bad. Much cheaper than the $20 knob originally on the machine.

While I was at HFT I bought a few starter things for airbrushing. I would like to try the real thing and see if I can learn anything from it. I've only ever used the digital version and I'd like to do the real thing.

I'm watching how to videos on youtube to pick up a little technique before I try it for real.

Another good day. Got a couple things done. Tomorrow I need to drive down to Centralia to deliver some papers to Ashton's doctors. I'm hoping Ben can go down there with me. 

I started this note this morning around 9 AM and it's now 5:14 PM. It just shows you but I don't know what.

More later,


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