The Big Wheel Slowly Rotates

A brighter morning which began not so well. Sometime in the night, and I think it was nearer to morning time, one of the dogs had a poop accident in the hallway and the rug next to the island. This is the second time in about 3 weeks. Last time I thought it was Smudge but this time I'm pretty sure it was Scout. Not sure--

Sue just walked in and we talked about what happened a little bit more and it suddenly occurred to me that we were nearly out of dog food yesterday and she stopped by Costco and picked some more up. Bear with me here. That means that we'd gone through the last of the Costco dog food and so we'd uncovered the remainder of the "other" dog food that Ben had picked up at a grocery store about a month ago. The last time the poop accident happened was just after they ate the "other" food. We got Costco food and covered up the rest of the "other" in the bottom of the dog food bin. Obviously we got back down to the "other" and the same thing happened again.

The next time we get down there we need to purge the remainder of the other to avoid this again.

On the other hand. (bad segue) I see in the news that Bernie is going to introduce his Medicare for all health plan. I'm very happy about that. I even made another contribution to Act Blue to support that. It could be that we need to thank Trump for poisoning the well and thereby making the adoption of universal healthcare possible. Let's hope so.

So what else? I slept pretty good last night and it looks like Ashton has regained her equilibrium which makes me happy.

Last night, as I lay awake, I though about getting back to writing. I still don't see a path through the bigger story I was working on but that doesn't mean I can't work on some short stories. I should start thinking about some ideas for smaller pieces.

I also intend to clear up some space in the shop and begin working on the tile back-piece for the wood stove surround. I downloaded and installed a small CAD application called Sketchup yesterday and drew up some plans quickly. I'm not sure it was actually faster than drawing it out on paper but it was kind of fun and may prove useful on larger projects.

More later,


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