Thankful for a Small World

Not much of a night's sleep but a beautiful day today. Yesterday's meager rain cleaned a lot of the dust off of things and knocked some of the smoke from the sky leaving us with a fragrant, clear day with bright full-spectrum sunlight. So much better than the post-apocalyptic haze we've had for the past couple weeks.

Unfortunately, while Houston and surrounds gets tucked into the mess left by Harvey, Florida lies low with fingers crossed waiting for Irma to dump and tear her way up its western coast. They're talking about tidal surges in the 16 foot range and I doubt the entire land there is much over 10 feet above seal level.

We are going to see more and more of this.

But here we are in our little paradise, complaining about 90 degree days but sleeping through 60 degree nights. Here we are comfortable and safe.

Let's see what else? I need to get back to the daily exercise routine. I felt better in every way when I was doing that. It doesn't take all that long to get it done. My energy level is rising and that feels good to me.

Yesterday, when I was driving through downtown Olympia I smelled grilled onions and it really made me want to make some at home. It's easy and smells wonderful. There's something about that smell. I wonder what it is.

I wrote a nice piece yesterday (at least I think it was) but I don't think this one is going anywhere. On the other hand, I am writing something. I promised myself I would get back into writing every day and I need to keep it up. Even though none of it is worth the newsprint to hold it. It's good for my hands and my mind.

I'm feeling low on energy right now probably because I haven't been as active for the past few days and I've been eating too much and I'm low on coffee this morning. I need to lean into it and convert my thoughts to actions and that will carry me through with the momentum.

Yeah! Right on! Come on now! etc etc. Ragaahh!

More later,

Photo by Elijah Henderson on Unsplash


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