Another Day of Memories

Actually, there are all too many Memory Days in my life. That may sound harsh but overall I've spent way too much time dwelling on the past. Memories are a mixed bag for me and I wonder if that is the way it is for everybody. I wonder what kind of memories dogs have. It seems to me that dogs in general are a good model to follow for enjoying life. With the exception that dogs are a little too dependent on and loving of people and we don't deserve it.

It is a good thing to periodically remember all of those people that came before us and what they accomplished while still supporting all of the vices and corruption that humans must carry with them. As I get older I take it for granted that everyone (and I know that dangers of generalities) have dark thoughts and deeds inside us. There is a tendency to deify those who have died before us. I believe that this is mostly because of our innate fear of death. Our fear and dread, unnatural as it is, makes us treat death as if it is an all powerful and possibly evil entity. We feel we must make up stories about it and become obsequious about it in order to mollify it and persuade it to leave us alone a little while longer.

Therefore, when someone dies it seems to us that they have accomplished some great and difficult task. That they have bravely fought and faced a great unknown travail. We write poems and elegies and songs and speak in hushed tones and shout in thunderous exultation and apologies for what has happened to them. But death comes to us the same way it comes to countless bugs and birds and bacteria. But it means so much more to us than it ever could to a lower animal such as a possum or a squirrel or a deer. To us, a great loss has occurred. A few people are forever changed and damaged.

The death of fish in the sea and lizards in remote places signify nothing because only we are of value to the universe. All other life is meaningless because it does not value and hoard and deal out life and death that way we do. That is what makes us human and above all else.

Time and death hold awful meaning to us.

More later,


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