Wednesday and Nothing to Draw

Another empty mailbox when I checked this morning, at least as far as illustration assignments. So I'll just turn my attentions elsewhere and do more work around the house. There's no shortage of things to keep me busy but I'd rather draw for at least part of the day.

I have a story to work on, a trailer to get working and replace the deck on, the shop to continue cleaning, I could mow the lawn again and trim the edges but I'm waiting for parts for the string trimmer.

I had a middling night's sleep. I'm sure I slept for the first part, at least in 2 hour segments. After that, I was awake a lot.

I had a long complex dream about being involved with someone who was starting a coffee roasting business who wanted to make it more innovative. I tried to think of some way to make his take on the product unique but I told him that there were so many coffee manufacturers and purveyors that just about everything possible had already been done. I decided that we needed to think of a different product model, not coffee, and a new way of presenting it and then substitute coffee for the other product. Somehow I thought that the model was lacking for the coffee itself. We needed to consider it in the context of something related to coffee and then piggyback the coffee onto it. Like a new cookie, or snack that we could hook the coffee up to.

That was a bad ending to the last sentence. You should try not to end a sentence with a participle at.

Enough for now. Look what I'm writing about.

More later,


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