The Grand Duchy of WhateverIWant

Have to go to Costco in a few minutes and thought I'd take a moment to kick my brain into gear. Didn't sleep last night. It was a mild night and the windows were open with the fan on and the air smelled great, but I couldn't sleep. I didn't suffer though because just lying there smelling the smells of a green dark night alive outside my window was enough to entertain me.

It's supposed to be in the mid-80's today and so we've cooled the house down this morning and will be shutting it up soon. The sun is out and the skies are not cloudy all day.

It's Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and so Costco will be very crowded. Tough shit for me, I should've gone earlier in the week. It would be a good day to mow the lawn as well and maybe paint some trim I want to put up as a chair-rail in the kitchen. I will also take a shot at repairing the wall beneath the front window.

I was looking forward to sitting outside a little bit and pretending to read. It's better for me to just skip taking the book out and instead take a pen and paper to write notes. Sitting outside and looking at the trees and sky make me think of things I need to do or ideas for things I'm doing.

OK, well I'm spinning my wheels but my hands feel better.

More later,


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