Swizzling Matilda

So it's another slow starting morning and I'm just going through my calendar and questioning the things I've written there. For instance, I just called the guy I'm supposed to meet with about Medicare and asked him when the appointment is because I have it written down for the 19th but I think it's the 12th. That kind of shit. I swear, I have to write things down the minute they happen or I will either forget the details or just forget they happened. That's my new state of forgetfulness.

I'm writing this down now so I can read it later and say, I don't remember ever writing that down. Honestly, it's tough to turn feeble-minded.

I have the window open but it's a little cold out. I think I better shut off the fan in the other room. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be sunny today or not.

I turned off the fan and started some laundry, etc. and now I'm back to record my thoughts for posterity. Not my posterity, ,because they don't care what I think or say. It must be another, more interested posterity that I'm devoting this time towards. The thought that it might take hundreds or thousands of years for that posterity to come into existence does not, in the least, discourage me. I'm super strong that way.

While I type I am listening to Bert Kaempfert & his Orchestra play Laura in the background here. I just wanted you to know the kind of hairpin I am. That's right, and now it's changed to  The Lonely Bull by Herb Alpert & the TJB. Be a dear and grab me another Harvey Wallbanger if you'd be so kind.

Let's see, what else will not bother me today because of my super coolness. I think I won't be bothered by those clowns in the other Washington today. I am currently swinging back into the 60's with Moon River by You-know-who and so what the H-E-Double toothpicks do I care for those clowns in DC and all of their bummer wackadoodles. Not me, I can tell you.

I still don't have a new picture to work on. It has been a week since I finished the last one and I've gotten a lot of things done around here. It has been a good break. I need to create a balance of the different types of work. A little drawing and then some garage cleaning and yardwork and then some more writing. I do enjoy the writing and I am slowly getting stronger and feeling physically better. I need to keep at it.

There is still work to be done with the old brain box. I don't enjoy not being able to count on my mind. I can still do better than this. Enough for now. (I'm now listening to Blue Tango by Stanley Black and it's wonderful.

By the way, the guy called back and the meeting is tomorrow, not a week from tomorrow. You see!

More later,


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