So, is this worth it?

Dutiful! That's how they should describe me. A blind person could see that. Instead I'm treated as an everyday type of regular person, no worse but certainly no better.

Alright, I admit it's been a few days since I've written anything here and I can't say I've been busy painting, or writing, or even driving around in my almost new car. No. None of those things have kept me from my promise of coming here and checking in every single freaking day.

What I can say is that it was the weekend and I did finish the taxes (which was exquisitely painful in every way possible) and I also had to bend my mind to understand a mistake I made involving taking a draw from the business account to help pay for the car and then forgetting to transfer money to the checking account to cover the check and then, were triggered, and fees were charged, and I got wound up into one of those small cartoon tornadoes made of swirling lines and prompting me to spent a long time on hold, twice, to speak with representatives of the Bank of America.

In the end, I was successful and, in as far as, a hunter who tracks invisible prey can claim victory and assure the frightened farmers that their flocks are now safe, I can sleep peacefully with the knowledge that my money affairs are in order.

Anyway. I'm here now and I promise to start taking my promises seriously again.

I'm running a promotion on Amazon today for the Interesting Times book. It's free for today. I'm just trying to drum up some readers for it. It's lost amongst the zillions of books there. Impossible to stumble across, and so without some work on my part it is, once again, doomed to be overlooked and, again I will not get a chance to hear if it works as a story, objectively.

Maybe that's just the way it has to be. After rewriting, it seems like a much better product. I guess I'll settle for that, for now.

Well enough whinin' and splainin' myself.

More later,


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