So, Quizzle me this.

Taking a moment to add a short piece to this very long tale or tail, whichever best describes it.

Painted yesterday in oils, using Graham Walnut Oil as a thinner instead of linseed oil. So far the differences I've noticed is that is doesn't have the sweet smell of linseed and it certainly doesn't dry any faster, at least so far.

If anything, the paintings seemed wetter this morning than with the linseed. Not all the variables are accounted for, though. It may be a little cooler and more humid today. I don't know. I might just be trying to cut the new stuff a break.

I'm not sure what I was expecting or hoping for with the oil. It certainly thinned the pigments and kept the colors bright, but it wasn't a lot different from the linseed, which is less money. Overall I don't see the advantage. I'll keep an eye on the pieces and see how long they take to dry. So far, they're pretty wet.

The reference pictures were found on google search of Washington state scenes. The first was of a ferry boat and the second was of Pike Place market. I tried to find one of the Olympia Farmer's market or of other Olympia scenes, but nothing seemed right to me. When the sunny weather comes I will try to get some pictures of the farmer's market and waterfront to paint.

I was mostly pleased with how the painting went yesterday. I had been in an avoidance slump for painting, especially with oils, that I decided to power through yesterday. I had this feeling that whatever I painted in oils turned into bland shit because I brushed until I blended and blanded all the colors. It's still true, but to a lesser extent than I had imagined. The pieces yesterday came out with OK colors and, for me, good proportion and form. Meaning that you could recognize what I was trying to paint. That's good, for me.

Still waiting for some feedback from the free promotion of the book on Amazon. I'll have to wait and hope that someone writes something about it, good or bad. As long as I know that someone's reading it, I'll feel better. For now, I think any further promotion, besides the free kind on Amazon, is a waste of time and energy.

I did have some ideas about how I could make the characters in the second book, Bad Times, more interesting. I read an article I found in my inbox from The Write Practice about the importance of strong characters in story telling that pulled my attention back to that fact. I realized that I was not taking the time to create characters that fit into the recognizable archetypes and my stories were weak because of that.

I made some notes about how I can improve AT in the story and I'm sure that I can do the same for some of the other characters as well.

Enough for now.

More later,


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