Another Day, Another Chance

Pretty good night's sleep. When I woke up this morning I stayed put and lay quietly because nothing much hurt. Sometimes it's nice to enjoy the moment. After a while I got antsy and had to get moving. But it was one of those mornings where I lay there coasting along in my mind. A little confused about when I was, not quite sure who was still alive in my life and where I was. A little sleepy and comfortable and with my eyes closed I could be 25 years old again, or 15 or 55. I think about some of the people in my family that I'd like to talk with again. So until I finally acknowledge reality, they're all still there. Like looking at Schrodinger's box and considering the possibilities.

The nice part is, when I do open my eyes I can take a breath and think about what a great life I have around me. A comfortable pillow and sheet and blanket, in a soft bed, in a warm room in a sturdy house, with my family and dog and cat, without any major problems. Being pain-free is certainly icing on the cake.

As I lay there, I could hear Sue talking on the phone in the kitchen while she cooked something. Among the smells of home was caramelized onions, a wonderful aroma, up there with fresh coffee and bacon. So much nicer than waking up in an empty house.

Enough for now.

More later,


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